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From standard residential concrete slabs and driveways, right through to designer multi level plans.  

We can provide the results you have been looking for. Our professional team will always ensure your home or work site is left in a safe and tidy condition. Based in the Redlands region, we service Brisbane Southside and surrounding areas. Concrete slabs are definitely our speciality product here at Contour Concreting QLD. Each of our slabs is given the same care and attention to ensure it meets the highest standards of finish. If you need a new concrete driveway or even looking to replace an existing one, come talk to us! We can discuss a range of options and finishes to keep you satisfied. 

Concrete Slabs

Our concrete services are based around care and attention to detail. A quality focus is given to every slab that we pour. This starts with the site preparation, after discussing your needs to understand the correct outcome. 

Its then all about the formwork before pouring the slab. It’s obviously important for concrete to harden in the desired shape. Formwork is the temporary or permanent support structure or mould into which concrete is poured. It is also known as centering or shuttering. It not only creates the desired shape, but also ensures the slab gains strength and durability.  

completed concrete slab

It is important to us at Contour Concreting that every house slab is poured with precision.

We focus on attention to detail and finishing the job with care. This also ensures that on completion of the job, your site or home block is left neat and clean. You rightly expect to be impressed with the finished product. And we are just as keen to make sure your slab meets those expectations. 

If you are not satisfied with the results, and that’s uncommon, we stand behind our service and reputation to get things resolved. 


Concrete slab options

Concrete slabs are required for the construction of new homes, sheds, garages and for mounting large aircon units and pool pumps. The type of slab can vary and may depend on the results of a soil test.


Below are a few examples : 

  • Ground slab is the simplest type and is made by digging trenches around the footprint of the construction and filling with concrete to form a stiffening beam. Moisture and termite protection, drainage and electrical conduits are positioned before placing down steel reinforcements and then pouring the concrete to create the slab.
  • Hollow-core slab has voids or cores running through the slab unit. The cores play a significant role in significantly reducing the self-weight of the slab. They also help maintain the required strength and maximize structural efficiency. 
  • Waffle Slab is popular where soil classification allows. Construction of waffle slabs involves shuttering, laying pods placing reinforcement between pods and mesh above the pods then finally casting concrete.

Plenty of concrete driveway options!

The right concrete driveway will transform the street appeal of your home.

It also has the potential to increase it’s overall value.  

There are enough choices or styles to allow your individual flair to be released! Work with us to customise a driveway solution that suits your taste and budget. Begin by considering a plain concrete driveway or discuss ways to create a feature styled driveway using a wide variety of colours, patterns, and aggregate styles.

Our wide experience with driveways means we can offer you practical and stylish solutions. 

Exposed aggregate driveway

A range of concrete driveway finishes to choose from.

concrete driveways brisbane

You have choices based on the type of finish or look you are truing to create.


From a plain concrete driveway or a coloured concrete driveway – decorative or stamped concrete driveway – or an exposed aggregate driveway. 

It’s also important to understand, that the cost of concreting per square metre can vary – it is affected by the total square meterage and style of your driveway. 

Other factors affecting cost or suitability include, whether the site is flat or sloping, whether plain or coloured concrete is to be used, or whether decorative finishes are desired.